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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
If I were to meet you on the Gold Road, what would I see?
Paahk partying with the goblins..

Mixing up some homebrew, "Man this stuff is gonna be strong"
"C'mon buddy drink up, it's a fresh batch.."
"Dude, you ok? I told ya' to take it easy on the stuff...."
Late night partying with the goblins..."yaaaawn"
"Whooaa.. that stuff was strong, I'm seeing trails..."

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
Anyway, how does your character live in the world of Oblivion?
A Lover, A Fighter, A Guy (err.. Demon) that will watch your back, or... stab it if he sees fit

Slayer of Daedra, but would much rather drop-kick the annoying wolves in the face when he's trying to enjoy the scenery

Despises imps and will actively go hunting for them...

Will assassinate for loot, or retribution he deems fit to avenge (be it his cause or someone else he's taken a shine to)...

That sums Paahk up for the most part, though he's such a lush for the wines and blood (when it comes to feeding). I think he's bought every 415 & 399 vintage he comes across to store/drink.

The pics above are actually clothing (using an armor model). I much prefer enchanting clothing with "shield, fire shield, frost shield and/or shock shield" spells. Just as good (or better with elemental enchants) protection.. no weight, and you don't have to repair it

Definitely like scimitars, comes from the DnD Drizzt days I guess... but if I go 'vanilla' then definitely silver (though daedric affects the undead/protected as well). As far as armor.. I don't fancy any of the cuirasses, but I'll usually go for ebony greaves, boots and gauntlets... (or Umbra's set).

Though the game doesn't require it.. I try to eat, sleep, etc as if a person "should" or feed 'regularly' when playing my vamp/demon characters. I own any house I can afford and tend to own them all eventually. Gold is insane in the higher levels so I have to spend it 'somewhere'. Thank goodness for pc mods... the property tax mod is slowly shying me away from this "house hoarding" hehehe...

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