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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
I absolutely love this game and the plethora of avenues for character development. When I jumped off as a Redguard Knight, do-gooder type on the quest for emperor and lands, I had no idea of the magnitude of this game or the depth at which your character can achieve.
If you play as a Knight type character you should get the "Knights of the Nine" expansion plugin, it adds a new knight-ish quest line for you where you do Divine Crusader work for the Church of the Nine Divines. (And makes a lot of people call you "Sir Knight" when you talk to them, which can be a bit annoying of you otherwise aren't very knightly. )

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
At first it was fulfilling quests and helping others while staying vigilant to the overall quest of elevating an emperor and staving off Daedric attacks. But, as I met and interacted with others, I found myself saying "Next time I play, I'm gonna be this, or next time I'm gonna do that..."
Even though you technically can do pretty much all the major plotlines in the game if you do things in the correct order it might be a bit contradictory to the personality of any character to do so. Especially the Dark Brotherhood quests since they are quite evil and twisted, and not something a good-natured character would willingly undertake for any reason. The Fighter's Guild and Mages' Guild plotlines give Fame points when you complete quests on them, while the Thieves' Guild and Dark Brotherhood give infamy points, though the Thieves' Guild quest lines aren't exactly evil, just amoral.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
Becomming a master armorer is within my grasp and my collection of armor and weapons is growing. The rarer the better.
Not much of a spellcaster and my alchemy is still in the infant stage, but I know enough to keep me going.
Elven armor suits me well for now and I fancy the glass weapons.
I do keep a silver sword handy, you know for ghosts and such.
When wandering or mountain climbing, the heavy stuff gets relaced by the near nakedness.
Being a master in Armory is pretty handy since you can repair weapons and armor to 125%, providing more damage and defense than normal, and you only need to drag around a single repair hammer.

You don't need silver or daedric weapons to hit ghosts if you enchant your normal weapon with magic. Weapons with an enchantment will always bypass normal weapons immunity even if the enchantment out of charges. If you don't have access to the Mages' Guild enchanting services you can use the sigil stones you get when closing Oblivion Gates to enchant weapons.

If you aren't doing the entire Mages' Guild plotline I'd recommend that you at least do enough of their quests to be allowed into the Arcane University to use the Enchanting and Spellmaking altars. They are pretty useful for customizing items and spells for your character.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
...there's something about running with the deer in my underwear.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
Anyway, how does your character live in the world of Oblivion?
If I were to meet you on the Gold Road, what would I see?
My current character, Alyssa Moonlighter, is a Breton girl who's something of a Jill of All Trades. She looks rather petite, babyfaced and harmless, but looks certainly deceive in this case.

She's currently level 42 and is the Arch-Mage of Cyrodiil, Divine Crusader of the Church of the Nine Divines (who didn't seem to mind that she's also an Azura worshiper), Knight Sister of the Order of Blades, has recently found Mehrunes Electric Razor and have just become a neophyte Daedra Lord having shouldered the mantle of Sheogorath (making Sheogorath an Azura worshiper, which I suppose is madness in itself ). Almost forgot that she's the Grand Champion of the Imperial Arena as well.

Generally good natured and helpful to those in need, though she can occasionally have a bit darker, more spiteful side if someone is very rude to her, which lead to something rather unpleasant (but usually non-fatal) happening to the offender.

She's currently half-way through the kingmaker plot (main quest), gathering reinforcements for Bruma and has closed 56 Oblivion gates. She is thinking about joining the fighter's guild for some more excitement. Her criminal record is clean as an Altmer's arse so far, without a single point of infamy and a respectable 176 Fame. She's never had any bounty on her head and have never murdered anyone (in the eyes of the legal system, though with a body count of 2000 I think the vampires, necromancers, marauders and bandits of Cyrodiil might disagree). She has done some nasty things she isn't proud of, but has taken care not to get linked to them by the law.

As a Jill of All Trades who enjoys to learn new things and try everything she's Master of all the magic schools, master of Blade, Block, Light armor, Sneak, Security, Armorer, Athletics and Acrobatics. She's currently expert level of Alchemy, Mercantile, Marksman and Hand-to-Hand combat. She's Journeyman level in Blunt weapons, Heavy Armor and Speechcraft.

Her adventurous life style has made her fairly wealthy with a nice big mansion outside the Imperial City, an impressive collection of rare and expensive weapons, armor and magical items, and 500 000 gp to her name.

Some random screenshots:

Wearing light armor:

On the beach without armor:

A bit younger, looking tiny next to a Dark Seducer daedra:

Her home on the Imperial City isle:

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