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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
If I were to meet you on the Gold Road, what would I see?
If my little Wood Elf perceives you as an enemy you would never see her. You may merely hear the twinge of her bow or feel the breeze from her blade before you are dispatched to the Nines.

However since your character sounds like a loyal subject of the Cyrodiil you would meet Jewell (named after Jewel the singer because of the song “Hands” and the line “my hands are small.” It reminded me of the young Wood Elf as I designed her.) As of now she also lives life by the line “only kindness matters”.

Jewell looks a lot like Heinrich Oaken-Hull of Anvil little Bosmer wife Hasathil. Only Jewell has golden brown hair and a thinner face. She is comfortable wearing huntsman’s vest, huntsman’s pants and rough sandals or Chainmail Cuirass, Iron Greaves and Boots of the Olympian. She also always wears Leather Gauntlets except when entering hostile areas or remote areas where Gauntlets of Life Detection come in handy. Her only sense of fashion comes from the two cheap rings and necklace she wears. Everything not already enchanted is enchanted with Strength or Night-Eye. She also wears a Red-Dawn Hood enchanted with Strength to remind her of her failure to protect Jauffre during “Light the Drangonfires!” quest.

Her weapons of choice are an Ancient Akaviri Katana Blade enchanted with Fire called “Fire Me Up” or the “Bow of Voltage” with silver arrows. She is equally proficient at deposing of her enemy with either. At level thirteen she has a skill rating of 54 in Blade and 61 in Marksman (or should I say Markswoman). Although with a Sneak skill rating of 100 it rarely take more than one blow which explains her low Block rating of 54.

The acting Arch-Mage is not very skilled at Magic at the moment as I made those Major Skills and have reframed from using them. Jewell’s three highest major skills are Armorer 78, Block 54, and Alteration 51. Her three highest minor skills are Alchemy 100, Sneak 100 and Acrobats 84.

She has completed the main quest, Arena, the Fighters Guild quests and is now on the final showdown of the Mages Guild quests. She has also completed all the Daedric Quest she is leveled for but “Nocturnal.” Jewell has had one bounty on her head for an alleged assault on Countess Alessia Caro and her guest at a dinner party that she crashed. It was paid by a friendly castle guard thankfully. I just hope he was not expecting anything in return as Jewell is a proper young lady. Like Stoffe’s Alyssa Moonlighter my little Wood Elf does not have a single point of infamy. Right now her fame count is 137.

Like ChAiNz’s Paahk Jewell will assassinate for loot, first she strips those she deems enemies of Cyrodiil of their life and then she strips them of everything of value. She is not above dabbling in the dark arts if it gives her an advantage. She has been know to actively search for Black Soul Gem even going as far a creating her own and then using their unique abilities to her full advantage. Do not get on her bad side or you may find yourself enchanting her latest weapon (just ask Falcar).

She owns a black horse (when visible), but rarely rides. She rarely takes to the roads preferring to travel cross county. The beggars love her as she never passes one without giving them a piece of gold and never turns down anyone in need of help or revenge.

She owns homes in every town plus “Frostcrag Spire” and the “Thieves Den,” but is most comfortable in the wilderness ridding Cyrodiil of those that would do its citizens harm. She is patient and loves putting an arrow between the eyes of her enemy from great distance. However, she is not above hitting someone in the back of the head if the opportunity presents itself. She loves to spin the lawless head over heals from a good head shot. Her hobbies included hunting Vampires, Black Bows and Necromancers and takes long breaks from quests to fulfill these indulgences.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
You can't do everything in one playthrough.
That is my goal on this playthrough. I’ve done everything, but all the Daedric Quest and Vampire Cure during my first three playthroughs. This time I’m even doing them. I did have a problem with the “Dark Brotherhood” quests, but she is designed to be a deadly assassin so I will give it another shot. Although information Stoffe gave earlier in this tread says I will not be able to complete the “Vampire Cure” quest so I guess I will not be able to do everything. Hate to start over as I have 99 hours invested in Jewell now.

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