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Hey sorry I'm comming in late here but i love the fanfic so far (haven't finished reading what you wrote so far) and I read somewhere you were looking for Trando wep names. I thaught it would be helpful for you to know that trando weps are mostly baught. They do not have many specifics. Hope this still can help!

EDIT: Wow I forgot to say alot.
1. I now read it all. I like all you have done with it and encourage you to keep going. This will turn out good.
2. Like I said before the edit, trando Mercs mostly buy and Modify there guns. They are not an army like the clones. Instead the are like the Hessians from the Revolutionary War. Basically, they were payed to fight for someone else. Basically what I am saying is it would not be uncommon to see a trando with a stolen and Modified DC-15 blaster rifle. Thinking about it more now, it would actually be not to surprising to see a trando with some stolen wookie tech.
3. This is more of a question. Why did you decide to give this group a couple of ordinary troop weps?

P.S. I'm writing my own fanfic (not on the net yet) about a mandlorian with jedi powers during the New Republic era. Think it will work out?

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