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On The RAS (Ghostship) What I Did Was I Got Me Sniper Rifle Out, Then Got The Sh**y Trandos Attention,Then Legged It And Crouched Behind One of The Tanks/Boxes And Waited Till He Walked UP. Then I Started Sniping His leg (That Was Fun, It Looked Like He Was Having A Spaz Attack ). Then When He Was Dead I Jacked His Gun, Blew Up The Debris, Found Scorch And Blasted The Other Heavy Merc With The LS-150 Heavy Repeater I Had Just Jacked Off The Other Heavy Merc. Then I Advanced To The Bridge. But I'm Not Gonna Go Off Subject So If You Want To Know How I got Past the Bridge You'll Have To Look In The Thread 'Ur Methods Of Getting Past The RAS Bridge Level'

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