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Journey Into Darkness

In the world of Lotherdell a great war raged between all of the species ( which included Men, Elves, Dwarves...) A elf from the Sky elves ventured down into the forest. This elf believed that a greater evil was the cause of the war and set to find the evil and any followers.

The elf was female with scarlet hair and voilet eyes, and being a Sky Elf she had wings , as scarlet as her hair.She had her late mother's staff as a weapon and walking stick. She was so used to flying it would take her awhile to get used to the ground.Her name was Phlilinell or "Lily" among friends. So deep in the woods she ventured not knowing her fate. Will adventure, romance, betrayel find her on her journey into darkness.......

you can find me here since I have left LF :
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