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The desert seemed to stretch on endlessly, but after three days of traveling across the Wastes, a ripple was seen on the horizon. A wall, wrapped around a tall rock with a flat top.

Peter squinted, then dropped his pack and pulled out his binoculars. "Some kind of town down there, boss. Looks a little primitive, but..."

Before he got out more, a massive pounding noise broke the silence. A massive creature, human-height even hunched, with long, razor-edged claws and long horns, with lizard-like features and scaly flesh, came over a dune. It let out a wailing roar, then charged at the party. Peter dropped his binoculars and unholstered his Jericho, firing three times at the creature. The first two bullets missed, making bursts of sand. The third pierced it's side, spraying a stream of blood onto the dunes. The creature didn't slow at all.

"Oh hell." Before he could get back, the creature raised it's claw, slashing across his face and flinging him across the sand, stunned. It turned to the rest of the party, now reaching for their sidearms, let out a bellow, and lunged.
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