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Onjo was standing at the back of the pack fiddling with his gear, his watch suddenly stopped working.

"What the hell, its been running for years and now it decides to say goodbye and die on me?!?! Nothing ever works when you want it too, ahh o well"

He took out a screwdriver to start taking the watch apart as they walked across the hot desert landscape when a mirage like image appeared in the distance, he put his hand of his forehead to block the sun but it did no good.

The ground trembled before him along with a heavy noise that when you heard it, you knew it was trouble. A huge beast like creature launched itself over a sand dune to Onjo's right hand side.

The creature roared and pounded with its massive claws, the crew stood there jaw dropped by the ferocious beast. Peter stood out in front with his binoculars to his eyes when the beast came charging at him, Peter had taking his gun out and shot three times but only one hit.

Onjo was amazed by the creature and just wanted to stare at the enormous thing, he was fiddling to get his pistol out. The strap wouldn't open up but he kept trying, he ripped the gun at as soon as the strap broke loose.

Onjo ran to the side of the crew expedtion and kneeled down and tried to aim carefully for the beasts legs, he shot four times as the beast lunged forward towards his friends. His first shot missed, his second shot missed, his third shot ricocheted off the hard sand floor and hit the beast in the shin area. Onjo's fourth shot was dead on and hit the creature in the kneecap striking the beast down on one knee.
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