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Audrey stood there, speechless. Her becoming Torsh's queen? That would be wonderful! But... she was afraid she wouldn't do something royal like. It didn't matter, because she had Torsh and the others.

But Natalia was right. They had to reach the palace before all of Shindalar was doomed. Audrey headed for the tent. When she got there, she found Torsh, still sleeping well in his sleeping bag.

Audrey smiled, and slid in her sleeping bag as well. As she laid her head on the pillow, and turned the other side, Audrey thought about what tomorrow was going to be like. Finally, she closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

In her dreams, a voice echoed inside her head. "Audrey... you have a twin brother..." The voice was Tyla. Audrey looked around in the dreamscape. "What? I have a twin brother? Well... who?! Who's my brother?" Tyla's voice answered, "Ferc Kast." The name shocked Audrey's ears.

She fell down on the dreamscape's ground, and shook her head. "No... No. It can't be. But how?"
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