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Roll froze momentarily, staring agape at the enormous monstrosity as it lumbered towards her team. She hadn't expected to run into anything quite like it right off the bat. Time seemed to move in slow motion as she watched it approach, unfazed by the gunfire shot at it. Only when it had sprung forward onto Onjo did Roll finally snap out of her trance.

Quickly unholstering her sidearm with a fluidity that surprised even her, she leveled the SiG 226 at the monster just as it was hit by Travis's shots. Her eyes widened as it picked up a rock and threw it at the young man, then narrowed as she aimed her weapon. "Travis, watch out!" Roll yelled as she squeezed the trigger, sending round after round at the monster. Her first shot miraculously hit it in the elbow, while the subsequent shots whizzed past its head harmlessly.
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