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Natalia found a nearby a nearby tree to rest on. It was turning into night.She still hadn't found Ferc.She also felt very vulnerable without her machettes ,no matter how much a necklace can protect you, you feel a lot safer with a sharp object by your side ,she thought. She wondered what Nero was up to. She liked him but she was doubting his trust as a fellow traveler and as a companion. She knew if Audrey stopped loving Torsh ,Nero would gladly take his place. At least Ferc was more honest, ok evil, but more forthcoming with information about his mission and himself. Nero was good or at least appeared to be and he did give her a protective necklace after she gave him her machettes. Natalia put a glass of water before her and then added something to it that turned it black.She then chanted a spell. She drank the glass. As the poison took over her body she said to herself ' Whoever wakes me with true loves kiss I shall marry ,and know they are my true love.' Her body is taken over from the poison as she layed down near the tree.

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