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"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" groaned Nero as he woke up, keeping in mind that he was still on a tree, and took a look at the camp, "Seems like they are still sleeping, what a pair of lazy people!" he muttered to himself

"You're one to talk boss" said Merky, who came down from a higher branch and surprised Nero, who almost fell from the tree


Merky was about to reply when they both heard Torsh yelling in the distance

"Seems Mr. Royalty is giving out orders already" said Nero with a tired tone,"This is going to be a long day, remember to stay hidden, got it,?" he said as he was getting ready to climb down to see what was going on

"You don't have to tell me again boss" responded Merky as he banished into the forest

After a few minutes of walking, he reached Torsh, "Hey what's all this commotion abo...." he didn't could not finish his sentence, because he saw Natalia laying near a tree, he rushed to her side, and began checking her pulse, which was weak, he saw an empty glass nearby, noticed that her lips had a little black shine into it and came to the conclusion that she had been poisoned

"This is bad!" he exclaimed to Torsh,"this type of poison spreads fast into the body, I can counter it, but the method of administrating it is a little ackward, will you help me hold down Ferc if he shows up? for this girl's?"

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