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"Ok, let's see" said Nero, trying to figure it out where in the world he had put his batch of medicines, "that ones for headaches, this one for it" he said, taking out a mixture of herbs from a small bag, he then put them on his mouth and began to chew them, they have to be mashed together and the ill person shall swallow it

After chewing them from a few minutes, he took out the paste and put it on a small leaf,"now all she has to do is swallow it" and he putted it on her mouth and.... nothing happened

"Crap, come come girl, you're tough as nails and you can't swalolow some medicine? come on, come on!" he exclaimed, but still nothing happened

"Ok, its time for the crazy stunt, you Torsh, hold back Ferc when you see him, ok? he's going to kill me for what is about to happen" he said, he took a full sip of water rom his canteen and drove his lips into Natalia's, trying to make the water drive the medicine itno her system, relinquishing the toxin

"I sure hope this works" he said, and lay Natalia down into the grass, with fingers crossed

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