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Travis nodded slowly, adjusting his glasses further onto the bridge of his nose as he watched the creature's body carefully, not quite sure if it was safe to approach. Sig Sauer held ready in hand, he slowly moved closer to the thing, the weapon pointed towards its head - just in case. When he was beside the giant lizard, he took a hesitant foot and nudged it, jumping back several feet in case it moved. It didn't react, however, and judging by the large pool of blood that was dripping into the sands, it was either quite incapacitated or killed. With gun still out, he approached it again.

"I don't know..." he said softly, "This doesn't look like any type of dinosaur. If anything, it seems to be just a basic lizard, that has been mutated horribly. But I can only imagine what had to happen that it grew to be of this size..."

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