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"Oh, I've no doubt of it." he said, looking from the dead lizard up to the horizon. "This is just the type of enviornment that these things are supposed to be able to thrive in. From what I can see, it's cold blooded - seeing as it's a lizard and as such a reptile - and so it would be able to stand the intense heat. I might be wrong, but I think there might be a water sack in it's chest area to store water..." the biologist prodded a spot on the creature's chest that protruded slightly from the rest of the scaly chest. It shifted underneath his touch, making a sickeningly squeltchy sound.

"The chance of there being more of these things is quite high, I'd say." Travis said, his voice totally nonchalant. "And I'm sure that there has to be something around that this thing uses for prey - and I'm sure that something else uses this for prey. Of course, God only knows how screwed up the food chain must be if things like this are coming into existence."

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