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I had been using KSE 2.0.7, and it was working fine, then I updated to v3.3.3 and now there is a problem with portraits. In KotOR I, the portraits are all wrong. For Bastila, it shows HK-47, Carth's portrait is one of the female PC's (pfhb3), and for my custom character, the portrait in-game is blank, though it shows up correctly in the program.

Some important details:

*There is no problem in TSL.
*I tried v3.3.2a, and it still did not work.
*In KSE, the correct pictures are shown for the portraits.
*All of the portraits are in my Override folder, but I have the same problem when I use a portrait that is not in my Override.
*There is no error message from KSE.
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