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Lily thought about this.Erames seemed nice and she hated to admit it but she was aching for home.All of a sudden a Forest Elf appeared.

" Princess Phillilinell your disappearance has caused quite the commotion.My name is Roy Hawkeye. I am a Forest Elf. I shall give you shelter while in the forest.These are your parents orders ,not mine." Roy had pointy elf ears and long black hair and black eyes.
Lily's face went as scarlet as her hair.She was so mad.She wanted to learn more about Men from Erames but no she had to go with the forest elf.
" I suppose theres no way out of this." Lily asked Roy.
Roy shooked his head no.
Lily looked over at Erames." I have to what he says ,at least for now.See you here again tommorow and we can start the journey,. ok."

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