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Originally Posted by tk102
Are you saying the portraits for Bastila, and Carth within KSE are wrong or are their portraits within the game wrong? Do you have portraits.2da in the override?
The portraits show up correctly in KSE, they are only wrong in-game.

I do have portraits.2da in my Override.

Originally Posted by tk102
Since you mentioned that you upgraded from 2.0.7 when this occurred, you might have leftover files in your temporary directory causing problems. Browse to c:\documents and settings\(your username)\local settings\temp and delete all folders that begin with "pdk". Then try making portrait changes with KSE again and see if it starts appearing correctly.
I deleted the folder - there was only one, pdk-Dan (Dan is my username) - and changed the portraits then saved, but they were still wrong.

Originally Posted by tk102
If that fails, make a kse.log file in the same folder as KSE and try doing the modifications again. The kse.log file will capture extra information for debugging. You can email it to me at the email address in the kse-readme.txt.
This is the log file:

07-18-2007 21:44:35 KSE startup v3.3.3
07-18-2007 21:44:35 KSE found KotOR1 saves directory in I:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR
07-18-2007 21:44:35 KSE found KotOR2 saves directory in I:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2
07-18-2007 21:44:36 KotOR1 appearance.2da override detected.
07-18-2007 21:44:37 KotOR1 portraits.2da override detected.
07-18-2007 21:44:38 KotOR2 spells.2da override detected.
07-18-2007 21:44:38 KotOR2 appearance.2da override detected.
07-18-2007 21:44:40 KotOR2 portraits.2da override detected.
07-18-2007 21:44:48 ---------Termination---------
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