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Multiplayer - Rant on Noobing

I'm sure you've heard it all before, but I'm bringing the idea back up because I am SO SICK of this.

Speaking in strictly multiplayer modes,

So basically, here's me, Davinq, a (to be blunt) rather skilled FPS gamer. I can fight through hordes of Trandos, Commandos, Stormtroopers, Wookiees, Rebels, Droids, what have you, and still come out on top.

In my gradual shift from Battlefront II to Republic Commando, I was pleased to find that the games were actually bent on killing each other, not following the typically insane rules of whatever despotic server host the game is under.

That pleasure quickly turned to disdain. Since I'm upstairs from our internet modem, I have to go wireless, which means... that's right, high ping. So usually, I have a hard time moving around, well, quickly. It takes a very sharp and awake Davinq to dodge a thermal detonator every five seconds.

Lag aside, at the end of the match, I still end up being in the top scorers. My secret? The shotgun, and anticapatory thermdet throwing. On my honor, I stopped 'noobing' (you know, cheap weapons; anti-armor, rocket launcher, concussion rifle, EC 'nades) about 5 months after owning the game. Too much negative feedback from the clans.

The last couple months of play have been relatively satisfying, landing well-placed shotgun rounds into Anti-Armor users while they're reloading, pistol-whipping rocket launchers from behind, and the like. And actual noobers, the really, really annoying kind, who are actually good at being cheap, were few and far between.

That was before American school got out.

Now, the servers are packed with people fighting over all the weapons listed above, and I can barely make three kills, let alone survive two minutes before being blown up in a cheap fashion. Today I even got into a debate - no, an outright flamefest - about the very definition of noobing. Coming from someone who had just trounced me four times in a row; with AA, of course.

It's just ridiculous, and I'm getting incredibly sick of it. But, as luck would have it, I'm a bored teenager in one of my last real summers as a kid. I need to shoot things! It's just that this game was one of the best things to happen to Star Wars, and a bunch of trigger-happy 11-year-olds have just ruined it for me.

Does anybody else feel the pain? Want to share in on the bitching? I'm all ears.

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