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Fleet attack strategy


I'm after some strategy advice. I'm between Mission 4 and 5 of the Rebel Campaign I'm trying to attack Freisa with my space fleet but keep getting beaten.

My force comprises ....

X-Wings - 10
Y - Wings 11
The Sunderland Heart
Corellian Gunships - 3
Corellian Corvette - 1
Marauder Cruiser - 1
Nebulon B Frigate - 1
Z-95 Squadron - 1 (not sure how this got in the fleet)

And a fleet commander.

In the fleet pop up box it gives a value of 42 which I'm guessing is what it thinks my fleets is strength is worth.

I am against a

Class 3 Space station
2 Victory Class Destroyers
4 Broadside Cruisers
plus possible one other ship I've not seen yet.

The empire fleet pop up box gives a value of 16 which I guess doesn't include the space station.

My first question is am I attemting this with a strong enough force?
If I auto resolve I lose every time so the A.I. obviously doesn't think so.
My second question is that if my force is strong enough (please note
about half of it has to come on as reinforcement) is it a sensible mix,
I haven't any idea how many Y Wings to approach this with - I've got 11
is this enough?(well obviously not the way I'm doing this). Same goes
for the rest of the force.
Now tactics - I think I know what I'm doing with the various ships and what empire ships I'm pitting them against but if my force is adequate then
obviously my tactics aren't working so any help would be appreciated.

I think this game is brilliant but also possibly beyond me!
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