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ďAnubi At The West Gate!!!Ē A legionnaire shouted waking Stermir from his slumber, morning had just broken and the city was under attack. Stermir leapt out of his bunk and quickly began to place his armour upon his body, he then took his wings and sheathed them.

Running out of the barracks he began the journey down to the western side of the city, he began to climb the ladders to get to the walls balcony. He reached the stone edge of the wall and looked over at the sea of beast soldiers before him. Thousands the vile creatures stood at the western edge and stretched as far as Stermir could see.

The Anubi were around 6 foot tall with the bodies of a slender human covered in dark fur, their heads were those of wild dogs with sharp teeth and yellow eyes. They wore only a loincloth and small metal chest place as armour, Armed with crocked bronze swords and Bows. Most people presume these to be savage creature with little intelligence living only off of instinct, but they are wrong the Anubi are Savage but cunning and as intelligent as any human.

Stermir could not believe his own eyes at the sight of this force of hostile attackers, never has anyone attacked Arothrif with such a force before.

The Anubi stopped a mere few feet from the wall and looked up at the wall standing to attention in their files. A human could not separate one from the other, save one who stood out from the rest of his surrounding brothers. He was Albino, white fur covered his body which was covered with a black chest plate and loincloth. He stood upon a rock in the middle of the dog army with his sword raised above his head, the armies commander.

The Albino howled to the sky and and pointed his sword forward to the city, each Anubi then raised their swords and rattled them up high. Barking and howling to the sky they began to charge forward toward and prepared to attack the city!

((OOC- Ok I went off on a limb here introducing a new species, so if you want me to change it Empress Padme just say and Iíll make it Orcs or something. I just thought it would be more interesting to have Anubi than the scaly skins.

Also this City attack ill lead to my character heading into the forest where he will meet lily to join your quest, I just thought it better not to have you meet each companion at the same time. If you have a better idea for our two characters to meet just let me know.))
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