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Ok so I've been thinking about trying to ensure the compatibility of one of my mods with TSLRP when its released. Dashus recently explained to me that TG is apparently putting all their files (.2da's, .jrl, .dlg's, etc.) in a subfolder within the "override" folder. Now TSLPatcher could get at almost any file within that subfolder that a modder may need to edit except for .2da files. Now I was under the impression that .2da files couldn't be placed within a subfolder and still work (I thought that's why TSLPatcher didn't let you modify the location where .2da's were placed) but over here Pavlos told me that I was wrong and, as I said, Dashus, if I read his PM right, told me that TG was doing just that. They're smart cookies so I guess I'm convinced.
What I want to know is:
If the game will read them, why can't we direct TSLPatcher to edit or place .2da files wherever we want?
Also, again if it is possible, is there some workaround? Could I manually edit the "changes.ini" to direct TSLPatcher to put my changes wherever I want?
Sorry for the long, rambling, post.
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