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Originally Posted by Ulic and Cay
What I want to know is:
If the game will read them, why can't we direct TSLPatcher to edit or place .2da files wherever we want?
It's a sort of brute force way of resolving ambiguity as to which file to modify. If you place 2DA files (or pretty much any file) in sub-folders you allow for a condition where the ResRef (filename) of that resource is no longer unique within the override scope.

For example, if you have 20 different mods using sub-folders for their data in the override folder you could technically have 20 different appearance.2da files in your override folder, of which the game will only load one and completely ignore the rest (causing all the mods whose 2DA file was ignored to malfunction in the process). Since I don't know how the game determines which file to use if it encounters multiple copies of the same file within the override folder and its sub-folders this is a kind of forced way to resolve that ambiguity. It would be a relatively simple matter to make the TSLPatcher look inside sub-folders as well and pick the first match it finds, but handling the consequences of doing so would not be as simple.

Sub-folders within the override folder is a mixed blessing. It makes it easier to organize the files belonging to different mods, but at the same time it makes it a lot harder to detect and avoid mod conflicts where different mods modify the same standard game files (or add new files that are named the same). If you have everything in the override folder directly you'll immediately notice if a file you attempt to copy there already exists.

So in short, the TSLPatcher not looking in sub-folders is a "feature" since I couldn't think of any better ideas how to resolve such ambiguities. If anyone has a better idea of how to handle that I'm all ears.

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