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Umm, like I live in that place. That basin where the Angora fire raged out of control and it made national headlines just a couple weeks ago. My home is literally a valley accross from where the fire was. in a straight line it was literally within 5 miles, I'd say about 3. I watched the first night as fire engulfed the top of the hill and the hillside opposite the valley my house overlooks. I'm glad my house is ok.

All's I know about how it started was that there is a pond at the end of "Seneca street" in that particular neighborhood and it's a favorite place for young hoodlums and transient vagrant bums to camp and make bonfires. The entire basin (with or without treehuggers regulating it for "erosion control" to supposedly save lake tahoe's clarity) is a HUGE fire hazard. You guessed it--fire went out of control. 178 houses completely bunred to the ground, 17 houses moderately to severly damaged, 9 houses with minor damage. No human deaths, 1 treated for smoke inhalation, 1 golden retriever trapped and killed inside a house, much wildlife killed or displaced, and lost pets. Not to mention people are pissed off as hell at our water district, forest service and regional planning agency (the latter 2 controlled by the former). Heads are gonna roll in court.

The Governator came to congratulate us as a town for banding together. And comment on it all. The firefighters are our real heroes. Not just local, they came from all surrounding regions. Intrastate. We had 2500+ employed to stop it.
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