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“Lord Vader: .........”

“The Ewoks are are going berserk again. We think that they have contracted rabies. We had to put a couple of them down......”

Well, although I enjoyed the Star Wars movies very much I have never played any of their games (Except two C64 games back in the eighties but the names escape me.).

I usually only play simulators (Lock On, T72 and IL2) or “realistic” first person shooters (Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.) as well as eighties arcade games.
A couple of weeks ago I saw Star Wars Battle Front in a bargain bin at a shop. I picked it up and read what it was about on the back. It sounded interesting so I bought it.

WELL, WHAT THE HELL! It is one of the most enjoyable games that I have ever played!
I have read some of the posts on these forums and some guys say that they prefer Unreal Tournament and Battlefield games over this.

Personally, I have never liked the Battlefield series very much because it was about actual war but did not simulate it very well. In real life if you shoot a tank with an anti-tank weapon it will ether be an effective hit or not. Damage do not “build up” with hits (Except if you pound it with AAA or a Bushmaster or something like that.). Hell you can blow a hole right through the damn thing's armour and if nothing serious is hit, the thing will keep going. Basically because the Battlefield series modeled so much different aspects of warfare certain compromises had to be made.

Next Unreal Tournament. Well played the very first one, so I do not know any thing about the follow ups. I liked it allot. But Star Wars beat UT hands down on the atmosphere. I mean nearly any body knows the story. And that is why SWBF beats both the other games for me. It does not matter that it it is not “realistic” because it is based on a sci-fi story. And it has the Star Wars atmosphere wich is just great.

I have been playing it for a while now but I can not even complete all the maps on the highest difficulty setting. But I have a couple of questions that I hope the forum members will answer me.

1.) I have downloaded two maps that were made by fans of the game but when I install them the whole game hangs when I start it (Not when I try to play the maps, but when I start up SWBF).
I have looked through the forums but I were unable to find any info on what I have to do.
I have no patches installed. Is there something I have to do before I can add a third party map?

2.) So I liked this game emencely. I am looking to buy SWBF2 online (Don't see it in shops.). Is the SWBF2 as good as the first one?

Once again. I would appreciate it if some body could help me out.
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