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to simply put it, yes.

I think you just have EaW right? Then you definatly need bigger ships. Theres one very expensive exception if you have FoC, spam B-Wings. If you want to use bombers, you need to protect them. normally a neb-B could do that against broadsides and tartans, but since they have victories too, you , theres no way you can protect your bombers.

1 broadside alone can eliminate atleast 3 squadrons before being taken out by the bombers. If they have 4 and all use their special, they create a cosmic hell for anything smaller than a nebulon-B or Aclamator. To destroy the broadsides (and tartans who can also eat up smaller fighters) you need capitals. You have the smallest capital out there, and only one. They have 2 middle sized. One victory can beat one neb-B, how much more painful and fast will that neb-B lose against 2 victories? With no Nebulon-B your fighters are open for attacks. To answer your question more specifically, get atleast 2 Assault firgates to contend with the victories. It still doesnt mean you will win, but atleast now you have a somewhat balenced force. Get moncals if you can, but its not a must.
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