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Tau and Krail stood in an unfurnished, undecorated apartment room in the middle of the Nar Shaddar Corellian district. Other than the two men there were two small mats for sleeping and two packs. The two Jedi were wearing simple clothes, those worn by every other spacer on the planet to remain inconspicuous. They both also wore blind folds and currently they walk around each other in various unarmed battle poses.

The to men were on assignment on the smugglers moon when the enclaves were attacked and had been lying low since then.

Krail stopped moving for a brief second and felt out with the force finding exactly where is sparring partner was. The human jumped up and spun in the air to kick his Zabrak friend in the side of the head. Tau reacted by ducking down and letting Krail’s leg fly over his head, as the human landed the Zabrak punched out into opponent’s direction.

Moving his hand down the Guardian blocked the attack knocking it from his hand, the Human then countered, the zabrak block then countered, and this continued.

“I don’t see why we don’t just go back to Yavin and look for clues.” Krail asked continuing his blocking and counter attacks.

“We must remain patient, by the time we get there any evidence will be gone and the enemy will know of our survival.” Tau Replied as calmly as a man who was not in a fight.

“So what we just sit here until they come looking to kill us.” The guardian argued.

“No, but we wait for the force to guide us.” Tau replied as he blocked one of Krails moves then kicked him dead in the stomach knocking him back against a wall. “If you trust in the force fully, you will always find a way to defeat your enemy.”
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