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In Corellia master Fred Cruz was preparing for any type of attack that could be directed to the academy. He was very hurt by the event and all the deaths of the Jedi’s but he was prepare for anything directed to his academy and Corellia.

“How are the defenses?”- Fred asked to his padawan

“They are at a 100% of capacity master; do you think they will attack us?”- The padawan asked.

“No padawan, this academy is a small and is not much known in the galaxie, but he must be prepare incase something happens”- Fred responded

“Of course master, all the Jedi pilots of the academy are out in patrol and the republic has send some soldiers for extra help”- The padawan informed

“Thanks, we must wait for any call of any other jedi or enclave out there, let me know any news padawan”- Fred ordered

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