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Taral stopped. He WAS walking towards the abandoned apartments, but he could feel something. He turned back towards the Enclave. There was something still there. Something alive.

Pain. It was the emotion that he felt the most. Both in himself, and in others. Perhaps he did have less than average Force capabilities, but it never put a damper on how easily he could read people. Taral started doing what he was good at... running. He ran towards the enclave.

He could see a figure, hunched over the rubble. He ran faster.

It was man. Taral slowed his pace to a stealthy walk.

"Hello?!" The man yelled. He was obviously searching the rubble.

Taral recognized the voice. It belonged to a man by the name of Javin... another student. Taral usually kept to himself... so he didn't really know too much about Javin. He got closer. Taral reached out his hand and touched the man's shoulder. Javin jerked around and looked at Taral.

"Don't worry," Taral said quickly, "Look,"

He showed Javin his lightsaber.

A smile broke over the man's face, "Thank the Force! There's so much emotion exploding through the air, that I can barely think,"

He turned back towards the rubble.

"But I think someone's down here, trapped,"

"There is,"

Javin looked back at Taral quizzically, "You seem absolutely sure that there is,"

"Yeah well, I may be the most pathetic excuse for a Jedi in the galaxy, but I can feel a person's pain as if it was another weight upon my own,"

He looked Javin in the eye. The man was clearly powerful in the Force. However, he looked very tired and he was bleeding.

He squatted next to Javin and they both began to remove the surface rubble.

After a while Taral stopped. He looked into a dark hole. He put a hand to his head and rubbed it. Pain.

"Hey, you alright?" Javin asked.

Taral continued to look at the hole. Then after a moment he responded, "Here. Dig here,"

Javin and Taral frantically cleared away the hole. As they dug deeper, Taral noticed a figure.

"Hey look at this!" Taral shouted, his finger pointing at the figure.

Javin saw it. He stood up and held out his hand. Taral watched and saw Javin telekinetically lift up a huge pillar and toss it aside... uncovering a woman. Javin collapsed to his knees, and cringed in pain at the sudden use of energy. Taral pulled the unconscience woman from her tomb.

Her lifted her up in his arms and scanned her for injuries. Her left leg was very limp, possibly broken. Her breathing was terribly labored signaling that a few of her ribs were perhaps broken as well.

Javin was struggling to get to his feet, but the resilient man managed to stand up straight again.

"Come on, I have a place we can stay at," Taral said to Javin

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