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As Javin was ready to attack the Dark Jedi he heard a voice say Find me , somebody, he knew this voice it was Tohru Lavery. He glared at the Dark Jedi Coldly.

"Looks like we have to finish this later." Javin said as he used force push on the Dark Jedi knocking him against the wall.

He was now weaker then before, but he ran after his male companion. When he spotted him still holding the injured female at the bottom of the stairs of the ruined enclave he yelled out to him "Hey! Wait up"

Javin finally reached them, "I'm certain you heard the voice too, We need to head to Kataar."

"Yes, I heard it too, just continue to follow me will ya." the man responded as he continued to walk. Walking now was beginning to become tiresome, but he had no time to rest, not until he found how who that Dark Jedi was, and who destroyed so many innocent lives.

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