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"Hey sleeping beauty... you up?"

It was a male voice. The voice was coming from the other room though.

Was he talking about me?

"The girl? Is she alright?" Said another man's voice frantically.

Oh, well that answers my question... But who are they? Could I tust them. Wasn't I supposed to be dying under a bunch of rocks?

She took a deep breath and attempted to sit up again. She clenched her teeth and tried to ignore the seething pain. Her back straightened and she sat up.

"Yeah... she'll be okay. It's you that I'm conscerned about. Take it easy,"

Edessa tried to stand up but her left leg was completely drained. She yelped at the sudden surge of pain.

Good job, Edessa

"What was that?" said the man who just woke up.

"I'll checked it out,"

She looked over at the doorway, her heart beating fast with nervousness.

Where's my lightsaber when I need it?

A brown haired man in a black robe appeared. He grinned when he saw her.

"Our little friend is up," He shouted to the man in the back, "And I think she was trying to make a break for it,"

He laughed then took a seat by the table she was on...

"So? What's your name?"

Dark Side and Light Side

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