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Edessa calmed down a bit. They were both Jedi.

"Nice to meet you Javin, I'm Edessa,"

She held out her hand and Javin shook it.


Edessa looked at Taral.

"Edessa means 'Triumph' in the ancient Arkanian dialect," he said.

"Yes... yes it does,"

Taral nodded thoughtfully. Javin looked at Taral in a slight bit of surprise. Taral smiled inwardly, I'm smarter than I let on comrades. More than you'll ever know.

"So what's Taral mean?" Javin asked, grinning.

Taral shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Javin saw at hurt look in his eye, and instantly took back what he said.

"He Who Protects," Taral whispered, "In the ancient Sith Language,"

And an akward silence fell between them.

Dark Side and Light Side

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