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Taral rolled his eyes, "Yeah... get the inept Jedi to do it," Taral replied sarcastically.

Edessa and Javin continued to stare at him. "Alright, alright,"

Taral closed his eyes and pushed his thoughts behind him. The rush of the galaxy was an odd feeling, usually it was like a cool mist that refreshed your senses. But this time, it was painted in red, and the agony was very intense. He pushed past all the erratic impulses that he could feel in the souls of the citizens of the galaxy. He felt an intense tugging sensation.


There were survivors on Dantooine.


The emptiness was depressing on Katarr, death ran like a raging river. But among the ruin, Taral could sense two survivors.

Taral let out a cry through the Force. Letting the survivors know that Coruscant didn't loose it's Jedi.

Then there was something else... a repeating message was being pulsed weakly through the Force.


Correlia? Taral was skeptical. He had a bad feeling. But he didn't lose hope.

Taral opened his eyes and said, "Dantooine, Katarr, and... Correlia,"

"Correlia?" Javin asked.

"Yeah," Taral replied, "Someone's sending a constant message saying that it's safe... but I don't know. I think we should head to Dantooine first,"

"Kamparas hasn't fallen yet... I don't think," Edessa replied, "We can go there after the other planets,"

"Yeah... but what about a ship? We need a ship to even get off this world," Taral asked.

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