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"Don't worry, I'll do it. You two stay here and take it easy," Taral said in a serious tone.

Edessa looked at him questioningly, "Wait a second. Why didn't the Dark Jedi just track us here,"

"Because Dark Jedi are stupid," Taral said, rushing to the door.

She looked at Javin for an answer but he shrugged. Although, Javin did have a feeling that Taral was keeping them hidden from the Dark Jedi... somehow.

Taral saw a ship next to the ruins of the Jedi Temple.

Nice Ship

He saw two figures standing next to it. He sighed.

Not a Dark Jedi in sight.

However, he felt an icy shiver run up his spine. The air seemed corse and the ground was sick. He quickened his pace.

Shouldn't have said that.

Dark Side and Light Side

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