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Taral stopped dead in his tracks as another Dark Jedi appeared in front of him. Taral narrowed his stare and ignited his cyan lightsaber. He pointed his finger at the Sith and arched his lightaber behind his head in the Soresu form. The Dark Jedi sped towards him and slashed at him wildly, raw emotion visibly showed in the Sith's eyes. Taral blocked it and jump to the left. The Dark Jedi let loose a series of angry but precise thrusts and stabs. The Dark Jedi's speed had been greatly increased but Taral's defensive stance kept him from being sliced up. Taral retaliated with a horizontal slash aimed for the neck. The Dark Jedi ducked under and rolled. As he came up from his tuck and roll, the Sith nicked part of Taral's pelvis. Taral hissed in agony and turned back towards the attacker, his hip seared with a festering burn. The Dark Jedi's lips curled into a malicious smile.

Taral heard the clap of boots hit the ground behind him. He could feel another Dark Jedi's presence behind him. He heard them snicker. They both jumped towards him, spinning their lightsabers in hand, intending to finish him off.

Taral's vision blurred, he let his hands fly to his side and felt the Force explode from him.

A destructive ripple of Force Repulsion sent both Dark Jedi tumbling through the air. One of the unfortunate duo got impaled on a rod that was sticking out from the ruins of the Enclave. The other Jedi got up and yelled in fury, running at Taral at full speed. Toral lifted small pebbles telekinetically and used them to parry the Dark Jedi's attack in a blue light with Force Ray. Taral then thrusted his lightsaber through the man's chest.

The body fell limp and Taral clutched his side. His fingers started to ache again. He turned to his fellow Jedi. They managed to mop things up pretty easily. He rolled his eyes.

"I need to learn how to do that,"

Dark Side and Light Side

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