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The two Jedi, Saska and Nasai, walked to the main Starport within the Corellian district of the smugglers moon. There personal communication equipment had picked up the message emanating from Corellia itself. Thankfully if there was one place on Nar shaddar where they could get transport to Corellia they happened to be in it.

It didnít take long for them to find a transport ship that would take them to the Coronet and they had boarded it. They were going undercover as travelling merchants ho got stranded on the moon by mistake, so no one would know they were really Jedi. Avoiding the enemy at this time to regroup was the only option they currently had, at least thatís what Krail informed Tau.

Tau had argued that a gathering of Jedi may be a bad move, itíll make them easier to find by whatever dark force had just tried to wipe out the order. But the consular relented and choose to go with his friend to the Jedi training facility on Corellia.
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