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Yellow, sorry for the long gap between updates.

First off, we're still working on the trailer, so it won't be in this update. Nezill has added several wallpapers to the media section of the site, which he has remade for those who haven't noticed. We're currently almost done with space in R1, and getting close with land. Then we will be finishing off the other features and redoing whatever needs it. Slornie, Willy Wonka and Wal-Mart Shoplifter are the beta testers.

We would like to welcome Fuzzy.Wazzy and Daft_Vader to the team as a concept artist and a rigger respectively.

First off, this is a render of Delta Squad. From left to right, Fixer, Scorch, Boss and Sev. Modelled and Skinned by Dr. Nick.
Click here. Image is very high rez.

Next, the animations for Delta. Boss, to be specific, also by Dr. Nick.
Boss animation video
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