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The journey between Nar Shaddar and Corellia was both long and uncomfortable, the ship they were on a ship transporting Livestock. As the ship had no guest rooms they had to stay in the cargo hold with the various different animals.

The ship docked at the Coronet Starport and the two Jedi began to walk to where they could rent an air speeder.

“You were very Quiet on the journey.” Tau Announced.

“I was thinking.” Krail replied.

“Why does that scare me?” Tau Joked with a cheesy smile.

“I don’t always get us in to trouble.”

“True, it was you who got us the mission on Nar Shaddar… I suppose I should thank you for my survival.”

“Your welcome… I guess.” Krail said as they reached the speeder park.

They then proceeded to fly towards the location of the secret Jedi academy.
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