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Skurr slowly made his way through the ruined enclave on Dantooine. He wrapped his finger around one of the antannae that protruded from his head. His own scent shot through his sensors and into his brain... a powerful reminder of his strength in the Force. His insectoid legs made muffled clacking sounds as he continued through the destroyed academy.

They fell so easily. The Killik thought to himself, No challenge in a massacre.

He felt the sudden ripples in the air change as a fellow Dark Jedi stopped behind him.

*Yes?* Skurr said in his slurred Killik Language, his pincers twitched in anticipation.

"Our allies who attacked Coruscant have managed to capture a Jedi Knight... she has been most... resistant to our tortures,"

The Killik pondered to himself. The Dark Jedi spoke up again, "Should I let the..."

*No* Skurr responded simply, *Continue to torture her... I'll inform our... Leader later*

He felt the eletrical pulses of the Dark Jedi's muscles speed up as she lowered her body into a deep bow. She then left.

Our Leader doesn't need to know yet... There is a disturbance elsewhere.

And with that, he headed to his ship.

"Damnit," Taral said quietly to himself. Everyone was in the apartment, arguing about what to do next...

Dark Side and Light Side

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