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Taral heard Javin leave the apartment.

"Alright, Me, Miss Triumph, and Healer boy are all on the same ship... fine by me. Still, they're still a little weak... damn, times are not good."

Half-clean water poured into Taral's hand, he pressed his hands to his face.
He looked at his side, the wound was stuck to his robes.

"Great," He grabbed a handful of his robes, closed his eyes, and yanked.
He hissed in pain as his robes re-opened the blistered wound. He then took his shirt off and cleaned his wound.

"Suck it up you baby, you're used to this treatment." he said to himself.

He then wrapped his waist with white cloth and tied it tight to cover the wound. He reached into his pockets and pulled out the familiar steel tube... blue liquid glowed from inside. It wasn't his lightsaber, it was his medicine. He plunged the tube partially into his chest and let the cooling liquid enter his body...

His hands stopped aching and his fever stopped. He pulled his robes back on and exited the refresher.

"Alright, let's go Edessa... Javin's probably ready,"

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