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Ren sat in the den, reading a book of poetry. The messenger comes in, out of breath and bleeding. Ren, concerned, puts down his book.

"What's the problem?"

"Lycan, M'lord. The one we captured...he had...powder..." says messenger, breathless.

Ren goes over to a shelf, and removes some medical supplies. He begins to patch up the injured vampire. After a few minutes of catching his breath, the messenger sits down, and explains to Ren what happened.

"M'lord. The Lycan was armed, and we didn't know."

"What was it? It looks like it did alot to you." Ren says.

The messenger looks over his body and nods.

"A powder bomb. I had heard rumors of a weapon that shoots balls that explode, and that they use a special powder, and this was just the ball I guess."

"How did it explode?" Ren asks.

"I'm guess when we threw him into the fire to burn, it exploded from the heat." The messenger begins to rap up his arm. "I was near his body when it went off, and I got injured. I thank you for helping me."

Ren sits back in his chair and looks at the messenger.

"My pleasure. Now, get washed up and begin Phase one."

"Yes, M'lord."

The messenger leaves at once, and Ren picks up his book, and returns to the page he left off...

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