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"Enough," Taral said, he paused for a moment, "I agree with Javin," Taral said seriously, "This planet is just bad news... we need to get out of here"

Edessa thought for a moment, "What about Katarr? There are still survivors on that planet,"

"Well, no matter what we do, I think someone should watch Rukia just in case something like that happens again," Taral said refering to her previous trance. Taral sat back thoughtfully then grinned. He nudged Javin with his elbow, "Up to the challenge buddy?"

Skurr twitched in amusement.

Foolish Jedi.

"Sir, we are near Correlia, what are your orders?"

Skurr turned towards the man, his insectoid body pivoting in a grotesque way...

*Activate the cloaking device and stay in orbit around Correlia... let us wait for more of our... friends*

"Yes, sir,"

Dark Side and Light Side

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