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Rukia walked up to Tohru. " You know I overheard that."

"I sensed you around the end" Tohru replied.

" What happens now ,Tohru."

"Well,Rukia I can brainwash you and make you forget, offer you a chance to turn to the dark side or my personal favorite- kill you."

"I pick...none of the above.Come back to the light,tell us who the Sith Lord.Tohru it's not to late."

" I was always a Sith.I shall always be a Sith.I'm not Visas Marr.You can't say a few nice words to me and I go ' oh I'm a good girl now'. THAT'S not gonna happen.He will prevail. He will turn you or kill you all."

"Tohru ,you just said He. So the Dark Lord is one of the men."

" I can't let you tell them that.I'd say sorry for killing you but I'm not.'' Tohru brings out a double-bladed lightsaber.It glows red. She attacks Rukia and in the process slices Rukia's right arm off.
Rukia falls to the floor.She attacks Tohru with Force lightning as Tohru continues attacking her.
Finally Rukia uses Force Choke and Tohru dies.
Rukia screams for help then passes out.

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