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Edessa woke with a fright...

Taral... Rukia...

Edessa burst out of the room with her lightsaber turned on, the blue blade illuminated the hallway as she searched for Rukia.


Taral felt his body being taken away... but the pain in his head didn't abate.

"Nnn- No..." Taral said. The man above him looked down at him and quickened his pace.

"Stop!" Taral shouted, "Stop! Rukia... in pain,"

"STOP!" Taral shouted... his vision blurred again...

He found himself running down back towards where he felt Rukia's pain... the frantic yelling of the medics could be heard behind him.

He didn't care though... the Sith were attacking.


"Sir, Tohru struck early without the consent of our leader," The Dark Jedi reported to Skurr.

Skurr's antannae hardened at the response.

*Young Sith... I cannot stand their irrationality... no matter, comence the attack and land me on Correlia... I will take care of the Jedi survivors personally*

The Killik then quickly scattered to the back of the ship near the loading ramp. When the ship lands, Skurr thought to himself, I will assassinate those surviving Jedi... Master will reward my success.

The Killik grasped his lightsaber and waited for the ship to touch ground.

Dark Side and Light Side

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