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"That... th-thing..." Charlie murmured. When the creature had turned to charge at the rest of the group, Charlie froze in fear. And she had not moved, not even at the bang of Kat's grenade. Now, though others were beginning to move again, Charlie had not. Charlie could not. She was used to computers and their inner workings. It had been something of a stretch for her to walk for three days with rather minimal computer contact... well, compared to normal, anyway. But now, this mutated... thing was just over the top.

"Here for a reason..." Charlie murmured to herself, trying to force herself to snap out of this fear. "Here for a reason, here for a reason, here for a reason, reason, yes, here, reason..." It was all she could do to keep from darting away back toward the Vault, though it was a full three-day trip away. With a faint groan, she sank to her knees, closed her eyes tightly, and wished she could be back in her comfort zone. But as she opened her eyes once more, she knew with a weary sigh that her wish would be denied many times over.

The world was an unfriendly place. And Charlie Dawes would have to adapt.

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