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Originally Posted by Reclaimer
Damn, you know of my plan for world domination!

**Kills Commander Obi-Wan**

He won't be missed. =D

But back on subject: If it's non-canon I wouldn't have a problem with him being powerful, but since it is canon, I just don't like it. I mean, freaking Luke Skywalker never did anything like that as an apprentice, either in the movies or in EU.
Well in Dark Empire, Luke takes out an AT-AT by pushing it with the Force with very little effort. That's pretty amazing... if Luke Skywalker can do that then he can achieve much more (from a certain point of view ). See Wookiepedia's article on Luke abilities.

Obviously this is a game to watch out for. I mean a lot of the technology in this game is state of the art (or was, who knows what's happened in the past few months). ILM and Lucasarts helped develop it and Im sure we will see more of stuff like euphoria and 'digital molecular matter' in video and computer games in the years to come.
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