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Mistress Vala sat in her chair, not happy.

"Doesn't Skurr know our Master is down there.Find him and tell him to abort.There has been a change in plans.We must leave here and head for Korriban at once.The Master will deal with his failure later."Vala said,her appearance hid behind her long,large cloak.
"Besides I have more than one spy down there and I NEED THEM ALIVE. Now go and alert Skurr of that!"


Corsett Cavaar leaped out of her ship the "Millineum Hawk". She looked around.

" Looks like I made it in time.Better late than never."

She brought out her viridion double-bladed lightsaber and tore threw the Dark Jedi .They all fell like dominos.
She walked over their dead bodies.

" You guys suck ,just like the ones on Telos.I didn't even break a sweat."

She walked into the Enclave.

"HelloI'm a good Jedi. Be really happy if you don't attack me."

She kept walking." I killed some Sith outside.They are retreating for some reason.It is safe to come out now and not kill me." she looked confused." HELLO.Here Jedis,Jedis,nice Jedis, any Jedis,except Dark Jedis"

you can find me here since I have left LF :
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