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Wink Force mod II

Hi, anyone here got or want the Force mod II? I got it but there are no servers running. I wonder if anyone maybe like to use this mod cause its great and I cant play online with it. There are alot of cool new features like:
*You can edit your lightsaber colour and combine different colors.
*You can choose lightsabers from all the different movies.
*There are level four force powers.
*You can without cheats use dual blade and twin blades.
*New moves you can use in game like butterfly, arial...
*Two new stances for dual and twin balde. Purple and green...
*You can choose swords in the player menu.
*The battle is much more intense and much more like in the movies.
*Alot more stuff, cant tell you all hehe...
It would be great if anyone wanted touse this mod, cause its the greatest mod of them all. If you want you can get the mod from here:;14924
Please tell me if you will get this mod, cause I wanna play with you
And yeah, if you want you can contact me on MSN
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