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Ryu emerged from the wreckage of a shuttle. All around it, bodies of Sith Assassins lay, dead. He crossed his arms, and looked in the distance. Another shuttle was landing not too far from here, and unloading more assassins. Ryu shook his head in disgust.

"Poor excuses for assassins if you ask me. Didn't even know I was on their ship."

Ryu broke in to a force fueled run towards the shuttle. On the way, another shuttle flew overhead. Ryu sensed a weak presence onboard the craft.

"A Sith Apprentice, no doubt. He shouldn't be a problem."

Ryu ducked behind the shuttle as the assassins entered an interesting doorway. The back hatch of the shuttle was still down. Ryu peered inside, and saw two pilots. He tossed a thermal in and ducked. Seconds later, the shuttle was no more.

The explosion caught the attention of two assassins, who came back to investigate. As they turned their back from the wreckage, Ryu emerged from the flames and struck them both with one blow. He turned around kicked the closest assassin down. Ryu deactivated his saber, and entered the doorway.

As Ryu walked around, camouflaged in the Force, he spotted two people, a male and a female. The male was doing a terrible job at hiding, and the female was being careless with her kills. But the female mentioned a ship, and that was just what Ryu needed.

Ryu stood, still camouflaged, to watch how this played out.

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