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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Just out of curiosity--informal survey. How many of you know someone personally (including yourself) who cuts or has cut? No names or anything necessary, I just want to have an idea of how common it is.
As one who has been on the front of cutting, here's everything a parent needs to know.

Most kids who do it think it's the current trend, or its "cool." There's actually a very small percent who do it for the right reasons. Now, most parents think they can do something about it, but in reality, they make it worse. Most parents grew up back when cutting was unknown, so they have no idea what the child is feeling. The best person who can help the 'cutter' is their closest friends. Even though many parents will disagree, I have seen what a few days of talking with a good friend can do next to months of therapy. Even though they do care, parents just cannot do what a friend can.

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